Surviving Long Car Journeys With Children

By: Motoreasy Team
The long journey awaits and your task is to keep them happy.

Journeys with children can sometimes be hard work. Normally, 40 minutes into your drive, you’re dealing with a crying toddler, bored kids and you still have another hour and 40 minutes to go.

Here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind to make sure the crying is kept to a minimum.

sat nav plan ahead Remember to plan your route

Before you go

1)     Programme your satnav early and get a physical map to study your route before you go. Familiarise yourself with motorway exits and areas for breaks. No one likes to be stuck in a car for hours on end.

2)    If your car journey has a deadline e.g. to catch a flight, ferry or train – allow extra time just in case there are any emergencies along the way.

On the road

Entertainment is the quickest route to a happy car, I-spy will no longer cut it. Investing in portable DVD players and MP3 players may just do the trick in making sure everyone in the back is distracted. If listening to the Frozen song on repeat is not your cup of tea, some earphones could also be a sensible addition. 

how to survive a car journey with kids Find alternatives to potentially messy treats


Making sure the kids are not hungry is also a must. So;

1)    Avoid anything sticky or messy– no chocolate, ice cream or cans of drinks.

2)    Use sport bottles, sippy cups or anything with a top that can be closed and doesn't leak.

3)    Keep a bag in the glove box, should anyone feel a bit queasy during the journey.

If travelling to a different country and picking up a hire car, ensure you know the car seat standards & regulations before your travels. Don’t hesitate to call the hire company before your holiday to make sure they’re supplying you with the correct number of seats for your children.


It’s not just car journeys that can be made easy; if you’re travelling by boat, train or plane, read on here to find out how to survive these journeys.

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